Welcome to ShipiboConibo.com

More to come, this is just a place holder to have some content for now. I hope to make this site more useful and attractive sometime in the near future.

Some useful and interesting resources:

If you have links or information you would like me to post here, feel free to send them to Adam Gaskins and I'll put them on here, so long as they are educational, helpful, interesting and do not exploit the indigenous people. Long ago this was a site for my music project, of the same name, inspired by a book I read about these people and their shamanic practices. At the time the only link Google returned for 'shipiboconibo' was my site and that book. Now that more people are searching for these amazing peoples that they are for my music I don't feel right using the site for my own purposes. If you have a legitimate cause related to the Shipibo and Conibo tribes then I'd be happy to help you out if this domain could be of service. I hesitate to let it expire because, no doubt now that it's somewhat visited, someone will buy it up simply to hold it ransom. I'm not doing that. I'm not asking that you pay me, nor reimburse me for the cost of the domain and server (it isn't much, honestly), and I only ask that you have content or projects of altruistic nature if you'd like to put something on this domain. I'd rather keep it up as something that could become a great resource for the general topic and a repository for the scattered info currently out there, but I'm not totally against giving the domain to the right cause either, but it would take a special project, ideally run by someone closely related to the culture.